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Automatic Power Door Operators

Access Control Services is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all automatic power door operators. The College currently has approximately 85 automatic power door operators in various buildings on campus. The College also has two revolving doors, which Access Control also maintains.

  • Exterior power door operators are normally tied into the card access system, if they are not operating this is considered an emergency since security may also be compromised: Instructions for emergency service requests.
  • Interior power door operators generally are not a part of the security of the building and can be submitted as a non-emergency using the Access Control Online Work Request.
  • The College voluntarily maintains power door operators for use by patrons with mobility issues. We ask able-bodied members of the campus community to keep this in mind, and to not misuse or abuse doors with automatic operators since it can affect users who rely on this feature to access buildings.

Please note: manual door closers (door closers that are not powered) are maintained by the Office of Facilities Management.