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Adjustment Requests for Locked Buildings

Schedule Adjustments for Academic Buildings

If you’ve scheduled your event through the Campus Space Management Services reservation system – Book-It – you do not need to do anything else. If any of your event hours fall outside of the normal operating schedule for any building(s) used during your event, adjustments will be made accordingly.

If your request has not been scheduled through Book-It, you’ll need to send schedule change requests to using the Building Schedule Adjustment request form.

Access Control must receive schedule adjustment requests at least 3 business days in advance of your event. Last minute requests can only be accommodated based on available Access Control manpower, and we cannot guarantee that your request will be processed in time for your event.

Access Control cannot accept requests for schedule changes via phone or voicemail. All requests must be made in writing via the above email if it’s not scheduled through Book-It.

Schedule Adjustments for Residence Halls

All residence halls are secured 24/7. During the academic year, schedule adjustment requests must be approved by a member of the Residential Housing and Education senior management team before Access Control can process your request. Please contact them at If your residence hall schedule adjustment request is approved, please forward the approval email to even if your event is scheduled through Book-It. During the academic year scheduling your event in a residence hall through Book-It is not enough to guarantee that your request will be accommodated.

During the summer, as well as breaks during the academic year, you do not need to contact Residential Education & Housing to schedule adjustment approval.

Schedule Adjustments for Energy Fridays, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, & Spring Break

Generally, when the college is closed all academic buildings are closed – and secured – as well. However, if you’ve scheduled an event through Book-It you don’t need to do any additional work as your request will be processed accordingly. If you event is NOT scheduled through Book-It, please follow the instructions outlined above to schedule any adjustment requests.