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Parking Access & Repairs

Parking Access & Repairs

The Office of Access Control has two main responsibilities regarding parking lot access: Maintaining all of the mechanical and electronic components of the operator and assigning access privileges as directed by Parking Services.

If you’re having an issue with your account or if you need to purchase a parking permit, please contact Parking Services.

Tips for Reporting a Parking Gate Issue

Parking gate repairs should be submitted to Access Control using the Online Work Order Request System. If it is an emergency, please contact Campus Police Services at 609-771-2345.

It’s important to give Access Control as much information as possible when reporting on the parking gate problem. Please supply the following information:

  • The lot number were the issue is occurring
  • Your full name
  • Your PAWS/employee ID number, or the card number that appears on the face of your card
  • Any indicator lights that appeared on the card swipe when you attempted to enter the lot

Using your GET IT Card Properly

Most parking gate issues that are reported to Access Control have nothing to do with the operation of the gate itself. Most often it’s a problem with the user’s account, an issue with the ID card itself or the user isn’t using their ID correctly.

To use your Get It card correctly:

  • Begin by holding your Get It card so that the magnetic stripe (mag stripe) is facing you
  • Place the mag stripe at the top of the card slot on the swipe
  • Using  ONLY ONE moderately swift motion, swipe your ID card from the top of the card slot all the way through to the bottom
  • Wait a moment for the gate arm to go up.
  • DO NOT use a sawing motion as it will freeze the local control board. One swift swipe will suffice.

Decoding Swipe Card Indicator Lights

Users will see three colored indicator lights on the face of the card swipe near the top of the device:

  • VALID (Green)
  • DENIED (Red)
  • REREAD (Yellow)


This light indicates that you swiped your Get It card correctly, and the access system recognizes that you have access to the lot. If the arm DOES NOT go up, it’s a sure indication that there is something mechanically wrong with the gate operator. Please contact Access Control so the issue can be addressed.


This light indicates that you do not have access to that parking lot. If you feel that you’re supposed to have the ability to access a parking lot but can’t, please contract Parking Services to verify that there isn’t anything wrong with your account.


This light indicates that there is something wrong and the local control board cannot read your ID:

  • The user is swiping the ID incorrectly. (Swiping too fast or too slow; the mag stripe isn’t being properly placed in the card slot, etc.)
  • The mag stripe on the Get It card is damaged, and the card needs to be replaced. If it’s determined that your Get It card needs to be replaced, you’ll need to visit Parking Service in Green 119 to get a replacement ID.
  • The mag stripe on the Get It card is dirty. If you find visible dirt on you ID, clean it with some water and a clean paper towel.
  • The swipe itself is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Contact Access Control if you see other users having a similar issue.

Please keep in mind that if you see other vehicles entering a parking lot without an issue – and you cannot – then you’re most likely being affected by one of the issues listed above. Please take note of the lights that you’re getting while using you Get It card before you contact Access Control so that we can help resolve your issue in a timely manner. Please be sure to include the information described at the top of this page.