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Campus Key Procedures

Faculty & Staff

Key Requests for mechanical and cardkeys (except for Get It cards) must be submitted to the Office of Access Control Services. Please follow the instructions on the form carefully to ensure that your request is processed without delay.

Faculty/Staff Key Request Form

Please refer to the Faculty/Staff Key Assignment section below for more information about the key assignment.

Residential Students

Key requests and requests for lock changes within the residence halls must be completed through the Office of Residential Education and Housing. Please visit your Residence Hall Office or contact your Assistant Residence Director with any questions or concerns.



The Office of Access Control Services (Access Control) is responsible for all mechanical door keys, as well as cardkeys and other credentials associated with the Saflok and Schlage access control systems.  Access to facilities via the TCNJ Get It card is also handled through the Office of Access Control Services and more information can be found about this in Building Access Privileges.

Both State of New Jersey law and The College of New Jersey procedure strictly prohibits the duplication of any campus keys by anyone other than Access Control personnel. Anyone caught tampering with any key and/or lock system at The College will be prosecuted to the extent possible by law. In addition, the matter will be turned over to the Office of Human Resources for subsequent disciplinary action, up to and including, termination of employment.

Additional information regarding key procedures:

Requesting a Key

  • All Faculty/Staff requests for keys must be made through the submission of the Departmental Faculty/Staff Key Request Form to Access Control. Only forms with original signatures will be accepted. Faxed requests will not be accepted.
  • The key request form must be completed in its entirety and include the signature of the Chairperson or Director when requesting suite, room or file keys, and the signature of the respective President’s Advisory Council Member when requesting campus, building or multiple suite masters.
  • All key requests for campus master keys require final review and approval from the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Administrative Services and will be handled through Access Control.
  • Master keys of any level will only be issued when the President’s Advisory Council Member has furnished a thorough justification of need and it has been determined that the request does not compromise the safety, security or the integrity of the keying system.
  • All key requests are processed within two business once received by Access Control.

Key Pick-up

  • Keys are picked up through the Department of Facilities and Administrative Services in the front office of the Facilities Building. Employees will be notified when their key(s) are ready for pick-up and the times available to do so.
  • Requestors must pick up their own key(s) and will be required to sign for the key(s) after showing a valid photo ID, preferably a College ID.
  • The hours available for key pick-up are:
    • 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday
    • Special arrangements for after-hours key pick-up can be arranged by contacting the Facilities Main Office at 771-2353.
  • Unclaimed keys will be returned to the key inventory within the Access Control and the request destroyed they keys are not picked-up with 15 days. A new key request form will be required to start the process over.
  • All keys issued become the full responsibility of the individual to whom they have been specifically assigned, including providing for the safe keeping and security of the keys.
  • To check on the status of a key request, contact the Facilities Main Office at 771-2353.

Replacement of Lost or Stolen Keys

  • Lost or stolen door keys shall be reported to the Office of Campus Police Services as soon as the discovery is made in order to ensure that appropriate security measures can be taken. Desk, storage cabinet, and file cabinet keys are not included as security risks.
  • Requests for the replacement of lost or stolen keys must follow the procedure outlined above, and MUST also have the Campus Police incident report on the request.
  • To maintain both the security of the campus and the integrity of the keying system, all locks operable by the lost or stolen key may need to be replaced by the Access Control or an outside vendor. Use of either labor force will be based upon the staffing availability and the seriousness of the breach in security to the campus.

Replacement of Broken Keys

  • Broken or bent keys shall be handled through a routine work order request, provided that all portions of the key are available. If all portions of a broken key cannot be produced then it will be treated as a “lost key”.

Returning Keys

  • All keys are to be returned to the Facilities main office during the hours listed above when an employee no longer needs the previously assigned keys, transfers to another department within the college or terminates employment with the college. A receipt for the returned key will be issued to the employee.
  • Human Resources will notify Access Control when there is a permanent separation of service by an employee. Access Control will contact the employee directly with an inventory of keys currently assigned to the employee that is to be returned on their last day of employment.
  • Employees who are transferring offices/departments within the college shall return any keys no longer needed. Keys are not to be transferred to the incoming employee and given to their supervisor. The transfer or loaning of keys from one individual to another is not permitted. Any person caught transferring keys and/or being in receipt of unauthorized keys will be referred to Campus Police for criminal investigation and to Human Resources for appropriate disciplinary action.
  • For any employee on an extended suspension, leave without pay or disability, Human Resources will work with the employee’s supervisor to secure the employee’s keys while that person is on suspension or leave. Keys will be returned to the employee when Human Resources authorizes a return to their work unit. As these individuals will not receive an exit interview, Human Resources shall inform the supervisor of his/her responsibility to ensure that the keys are returned. Access Control will issue the supervisor with an inventory of keys that need to be collected. After collection, the supervisor shall return the keys to the Facilities main office as described above. The supervisor shall keep the key return receipt on file.
  • For employees who are terminated involuntarily and/or not in good standing, Human Resources shall also inform the supervisor of his/her responsibility to ensure that the keys are collected from the employee and returned. Access Control will issue the supervisor with a list of keys that need to be collected. After collection, the supervisor shall return the keys to the Facilities main office as described above. The supervisor shall keep the key return receipt on file.

Outside Vendor Key Assignment

  • All vendors and contractors requiring access to portions of The College must make arrangements for college-approved escorts. Temporary key assignments will be issued only to TCNJ staff, NOT to outside vendors.
  • TCNJ staff requesting a key for vendor escorts should contact Access Control at
  • Staff who need to make arrangements for vendors to have direct building access should consult the Office of Card Services and Human Resources instructions for Contingent Worker Requests.

Departmental Key Assignment

  • Departmental keys are keys that will be held and assigned by a specific department to authorized individuals within that department.
  • The department head or designee will be assigned the custody of the keys and will, therefore, be responsible for the security of the keys and their use at all times.
  • Departmental keys are requested using the Faculty/Staff Key Request Form.
  • Departmental keys must be kept in a secured area.
  • Departmental keys that are issued to adjunct faculty members are also the responsibility of the department chair.
  • Permanent records must be maintained on file by the department head or designee showing all departmental key assignments, which includes the user’s name, destination and purpose, date/time released, and date/time returned.

Alterations to Campus Locking Systems

  • All door locks, locking mechanisms or any other means of securing doors must be approved by Access Control.
  • Any lock, lock mechanism or system that is not found to be compliant with The College’s keying systems or hardware standards will be removed by Access Control.
  • Requests for special door or other locking systems are to be made to Full justification, along with as much information as possible describing the proposed system, must be included in the request. All requests will be reviewed based upon security, life safety, and financial considerations.
  • Access Control does not provide or service padlocks, except for those that are a part of the College’s master key system.